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Getting Started with Hermes

Hermes is an open source communication protocol allowing vehicles to communicate with a supervision entity.


Hermes is a Communication Protocol defined using Google Protocol Buffer allowing a supervision engine (also called the supervisor) and vehicles to communicate in order to operate a transportation service.

Bestmile's supervision engine is called Bestmile Core Engine.

Access to Hermes Protobuf source code is restricted

Hermes Protobuf Definition source code is available on GitHub. Currently, we only share access to the Hermes source code to selected partners. You will see a 404 Page not found error if you try to access it while not having the proper rights. If you want to receive access, go to the Hermes Protocol access request form.

Who is it for?

The protocol is intended to be used either by:

  • Vehicle manufacturers who want to be compatible with Bestmile
  • Fleet monitoring software providers who wish to benefit from Bestmile's fleet orchestration services

Two kinds of messages

Hermes relies mainly on two distinct kinds of messages:

  • Vehicle Messages: sent by the vehicles to the supervisor to announce themselves, give feedback about their current state and acknowledge messages.
  • Supervisor Messages: sent by the supervisor to control the vehicle or check the vehicle availability.

A typical message exchange scenario

With Hermes, a typical message exchange flow looks like this:

For more details, you can directly jump to the Example Hermes Message Exchange Scenario.